Integrated research on Developmental determinants of Ageing and Longevity


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posted on 2014/05

Circulating mitochondrial DNA increases with age and is a familiar trait: Implications for "inflamm-aging"

Pinti,M., Cevenini,E., Nasi,M., De Biasi,S., Salvioli,S., Monti,D., Benatti,S., Gibellini,L., Cotichini,R., Stazi,M.A., Trenti,T., Franceschi,C., Cossarizza,A.

Eur.J.Immunol. 2014/05, Volume 44, Number 5, 1552-1562

posted on 2014/05

Evidence for less marked potential signs of T-cell immunosenescence in centenarian offspring than in the general age-matched population

Pellicano,M., Buffa,S., Goldeck,D., Bulati,M., Martorana,A., Caruso,C., Colonna-Romano,G., Pawelec,G.

J.Gerontol.A Biol.Sci.Med.Sci. 2014/05, Volume 69, Number 5, 495-504

posted on 2014/05

T-cell immunity in the aging human

Haematologica 2014/05, Volume 99, Number 5, 795-797

posted on 2014/05

New serological evidence points toward an infectious route to bipolar disorder

Am.J.Psychiatry 2014/05, Volume 171, Number 5, 485-488

posted on 2014/04/28

Evolving Hox activity profiles govern diversity in locomotor systems

Jung,H., Mazzoni,E.O., Soshnikova,N., Hanley,O., Venkatesh,B., Duboule,D., Dasen,J.S.

Dev.Cell 2014/04/28, Volume 29, Number 2, 171-187

posted on 2014/04/17

A gain of function mutation in TNFRSF11B encoding osteoprotegerin causes osteoarthritis with chondrocalcinosis

Ramos,Y.F., Bos,S.D., van der Breggen,R., Kloppenburg,M., Ye,K., Lameijer,E.W., Nelissen,R.G., Slagboom,P.E., Meulenbelt,I.

Ann.Rheum.Dis. 2014/04/17, Volume , Number ,

posted on 2014/04

Transgenerational effects of caloric restriction on appetite: a meta-analysis

Lagisz,M., Blair,H., Kenyon,P., Uller,T., Raubenheimer,D., Nakagawa,S.

Obes.Rev. 2014/04, Volume 15, Number 4, 294-309

posted on 2014/04

Contribution of genetic polymorphisms on functional status at very old age: A gene-based analysis of 38 genes (311 SNPs) in the oxidative stress pathway

Dato,S., Soerensen,M., Lagani,V., Montesanto,A., Passarino,G., Christensen,K., Tan,Q., Christiansen,L.

Exp.Gerontol. 2014/04, Volume 52, Number , 23-29

posted on 2014/04

Meta-analysis on blood transcriptomic studies identifies consistently coexpressed protein-protein interaction modules as robust markers of human aging

van den Akker,E.B., Passtoors,W.M., Jansen,R., van Zwet,E.W., Goeman,J.J., Hulsman,M., Emilsson,V., Perola,M., Willemsen,G., Penninx,B.W., Heijmans,B.T., Maier,A.B., Boomsma,D.I., Kok,J.N., Slagboom,P.E., Reinders,M.J., Beekman,M.

Aging Cell 2014/04, Volume 13, Number 2, 216-225

posted on 2014/04

Cerebrovascular and ischemic heart disease in young adults born preterm: a population-based Swedish cohort study

Ueda,P., Cnattingius,S., Stephansson,O., Ingelsson,E., Ludvigsson,J.F., Bonamy,A.K.

Eur.J.Epidemiol. 2014/04, Volume 29, Number 4, 253-260


IDEAL dissertations

Lovisa Högberg (5th of October 2012) Prenatal influences on health outcomes over the lifespan: Effects of smoking, socio-economic status and foetal growth. Karolinska Insititute

Vicencio Oostra (26th of June 2013) Hormonal and transcriptional mechanisms underlying developmental plasticity of life histories in a seasonal butterfly. Leiden University

Oluwatosin O. Taiwo (2013) The Role of DNA Methylation in Stem Cell Ageing. University college London

Alexis Grimaldi (16th of May 2014) Crosstalk between thyroid hormones and glucocrticoids during Xenopus tropicalis metamorphosis. Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Joris Deelen (25th of June 2014) Genetic and biomarker studies of human longevity. Leiden University Medical Center

Marianne Nygaard (8th of July 2014) Genetic Determinants of Healthy Aging – Studies of genetic variation associated with human longevity . Southern Denmark University

Joost van de Heuvel (25th of November 2014) The evolution and plasticity of life histories upon variation in nutrition : an ageing focused integrative approach. Leiden University

Erik B. van den Akker (18th of February 2015) Computational biology in human aging. An omics data integration approach. Leiden University Medical Center

Linda Ahrenfeldt (15th of Oktober 2015) Opposite-sex vs same-sex twins: mortality, cancer and behavior. Southern Denmark University

Fenni Rusli (29th of August 2016) Diet-induced phenotypic plasticity during aging. Wageningen University.  

Book Publications

Non-Genetic Inheritance. Tobias Uller and Heikki Helanterä. Volume 1, September 2013, Pages 27-32, ISSN (Online) 2084-8846, DOI:10.2478/ng-2013-0003.

Immunosenescence: Psychosocial and Behavioral Determinants. Jos A. Bosch, Anna C. Phillips, Anna C., Janet Lord (Eds.) 2013. Gramham Pawelec and Ludmilla Müller. Introduction to Ageing of the Adaptive Immune System. Chapter 2, pp 17-32.  DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-4776-4_2

The Philosophy of Biology: A companion for Educators. K.Kampouakis (ed.) History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences; Volume 1, 2013. Tobias Uller. Non-Genetic Inheritance and Evolution, pp 267-287.  DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6537-5_14.


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