Integrated research on Developmental determinants of Ageing and Longevity


The results iimg 1850n IDEAL have both the potential to influence and possibly reshape treatment and healthcare practices throughout Europe, and to provide leads that can be exploited by the health, food, and pharmaceutical industries. We will make an inventory of the current health care practices and to what extent they are based on the scientific results. Based on this we will seek ways to disseminate the IDEAL results via all available and relevant networks and organizations. We will also use the contacts with industries to facilitate the exploitation of the results with IDEAL.

Dutch centenarian monozygous twin sisters illustrate human longevity

Professor Eline Slagboom explains why she investigating centenarian monozygous twin sisters in a Dutch tv broadcasting Altijd Wat.

August 07 2012 Author: IDEAL media

Bas Zwaan discussed ageing on Labyrint Radio

Professor Bas Zwaan has been interviewed on Dutch Labyrint Radio about the book of David van Bodegom about female lifespan.

February 05 2012 Author: IDEAL media

Press Releases of IDEAL

Last Februari 1, 2011 was the start of EU funded IDEAL project, headed by Professor Bas Zwaan (Wageningen University and Research Centre) and Professor Eline Slagboom (Leiden University Medical Center) ...

February 27 2011 Author: IDEAL

Wageningen University has appointed Bas Zwaan Professor of Genetics

bas zwaanWageningen University has appointed Bas Zwaan as professor of Genetics as from September 15, 2010. Professor Zwaan was associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Leiden University. He succeeds Professor Rolf Hoekstra...
February 26 2010 Author: IDEAL


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