Integrated research on Developmental determinants of Ageing and Longevity


The results iimg 1850n IDEAL have both the potential to influence and possibly reshape treatment and healthcare practices throughout Europe, and to provide leads that can be exploited by the health, food, and pharmaceutical industries. We will make an inventory of the current health care practices and to what extent they are based on the scientific results. Based on this we will seek ways to disseminate the IDEAL results via all available and relevant networks and organizations. We will also use the contacts with industries to facilitate the exploitation of the results with IDEAL.

Bas Zwaan editor of special edition "(Bio) Wetenschap en Maatschappij"

Prof dr Bas Zwaan was one of the editor and authors of a cahier explaining the ageing process and its impact on current and future societies

April 08 2016 Author: IDEAL media

Ageing Research for High School Students

The Slagboom group constructed a training program for high school students on how to be creative in science using ageing research as basis. This is a ten step program to set up a research project. The training program on research into ageing was disseminated at multiple occasions both at the University and in the schools.....

April 08 2016 Author: IDEAL media

Anastasia Nyman has written a “Children’s book on IVF” together with Camilla McConnell

Sara has snuggled down on the sofa between Mummy and Daddy. The family is watching Sara's favourite programme about Stella the horse. Stella gives birth to her much longed-for foal. Sara wonders how she came about. Mummy and Daddy explain with simple words the concepts of IVF. childrens_book_on_ivf.jpg

April 08 2016 Author: IDEAL media

Molecular Epidemiology from the LUMC has contributed a chapter about genome sequencing t the recently published book “Longevity Genes. A Blueprint for Aging”

Springer recently published the book “Longevity Genes. A Blueprint for Aging” edited by Gil Atzmon, which covers the whole palette of genetic component studies in order to expose readers to the major research efforts associated with aging today. Erik van den Akker, Joris Deelen, Eline Slagboom and Marian Beekman have written the 6th chapter “Exome and Whole Genome Sequencing in Aging and Longevity”, blz 127-139.

May 26 2015 Author: IDEAL media

The plastic fly by Joost van den Heuvel

Joost van den Heuvel published a paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology about the plasticity of fies in response to food. He concluded that the expression of life-history traits in adult life is affected not only by adult plasticity, but also by early adult life experiences.


November 27 2014 Author: IDEAL media

Dr Ingrid Meulenbelt from the LUMC Leiden, The Netherlands, states that arthistis may be curable within a couple of years.

The group of Dr Ingrid Meulenbelt (LUMC) has made important progression towards the potential development of medicines agains arthritis for which she was interviewed on Dutch local radio.

June 10 2014 Author: IDEAL media

Growing Old Together participant day

Participants of the Growing Old Together Study convened at the LUMC in Leiden. The Dutch national newspaper Trouw gave an impression of the day .

May 17 2014 Author: IDEAL media

Genetic variant at chromosome 5q33.3 regulates blood pressure and let you grow old

Joris Deelen et al identified genetic variation at chromosome 5q33.3 which is associeted with human longevity and is potentially involved in blood pressure regulation. The Dutch national newspaper NRC reported the important finding in their scientific part as well as the local newspaper Leids Dagblad .

April 12 2014 Author: IDEAL media

Even longlived people are able to extent their lifespan

 eline in the labA Dutch Journal called 'Voedingswaarde' interviewed prof dr Eline Slagboom about lifestyle intervention in older adults and the influence of genetics on healthy lifespan.





April 01 2014 Author: IDEAL media

Prof dr Eline Slagboom provides Profile Project Training for Dutch high school students

movie still 1Prof dr Eline Slagboom from the Leiden University Medical Center presents ageing research as exciting, important, and worthy of the attention of “bright young minds”.



March 31 2014 Author: IDEAL media


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