Integrated research on Developmental determinants of Ageing and Longevity

Giuseppe Passarino in D-Donna magazine la repubblica

08 April 2016 Author: IDEAL Media

Dr Giuseppe Passarino has been interviewed by weekly magazine D-Donna la repubblica (published on the 21st of March 2015). The journalist asks about on how we are supposed to change our lifestyle after the findings on the molecular basis of longevity. The article is mainly about the diet, which should be very poor of animal proteins, because they act on the IGF1/INS axis and make cells to get old faster.

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Fenni Rusli defended her thesis

21 September 2016 Author: MolEpi

Contribution of Giuseppe Passerino to Le Stringhe

08 April 2016 Author: IDEAL Media

Interview of Giuseppe Passarino by L'INKIESTA

08 April 2016 Author: IDEAL Media
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